Community Health programme


The philosophy of the college of Nursing is derived from that of Mother Vannini Hospital. The Educators for this college of Nursing believe that candidates undergoing Training in this institution followed up and developed into persons capable of giving Efficient and communities and in families.

We believe that every patient should have quality care, and for this the student should have a formal educational preparation based on sound moral principles.

We believe in the Christian Doctrine and recognize the dignity of the human person and human life. The administration and staff of this institution carefully select the learning experiences for the student to acquire knowledge and understanding and develop skill in the art of nursing to prepare her self to take up responsibilities as individual, citizen and as a nurse.

The unique characteristics of nursing in this institution is that the nurses are trained to be imbued with the spirit of Jesus, the merciful, particularly his tender compassionate love for the poor the lonely the lonely and those who are neglected by the society.

The Faculty Mother Vannini College of Nursing, believes that a basic course in Nursing should prepare nurse for first level position in Nursing in the Hospital, Community, Nursing education institution and Research Institutions. To achieve this, the institution believes that a good understanding of basic scientifici principles in nursing, principles of communication, IPR, learning and teaching and research are essential as nursing is a profession influenced by scientific and technological advancements to serve the people.

Objectives of the Nursing Education Programme

  1. To provide opportunities which would enable the student to function as an effective individual.

  2. To prepare a professional and technically skilled nurse competent to giver comprehensive care to individuals families and communities in sickness and health.

  3. To prepare the student with guidance to take up the leadership position in teaching and in nursing practice in hospitals and in community health agencies.

  4. To provide the opportunities and experiences, which would enable the student to develop and maintain effective, inter personal relationship with professional and nonprofessional personal.

  5. To provide the student with knowledge and learning experience which would enable her to function as a nurse with increasing ability as an effective citizen and a representative of her profession.

  6. To provide those experiences and opportunities which would enable and motivate the nurse to enlarge her capacity for her own professional growth and contribute towards the improvement and growth of nursing.