Discipline and Rules
Hostel Rules and Regulations

• All students shall be under the direct care and supervision of the sister in charge of the Hostel.

• Students are allowed to go out twice a month for shopping and once a month with the parents or relatives. They are expected to be back in the hostel by 6.30pm.isitors are allowed only on second Sundays.

• No students will be permitted to stay outside with relatives or friends.

• When a student is ill, she should inform to the sister-in-charge, see doctor and produce medical certificate.

• Relatives and friends are not permitted to visit the students during duty hours. Arrival From a distant place will not entitle a visiting relative to see the student during her duty hours, nor will she be called from sleep if she was on night duty.

• Permission to visit relatives and friends to attend parties, wedding, cinemas etc. should be obtained from the parents (guardians) and the Principal.

• Ragging in all its forms is banned and it is treated as a cognizable offence. Any student found guilty of ragging will be suspended or dismissed at the discretion of the management.

• Taking or administering any harmful drug, not authorized by competent authority, Competent authority is strictly forbidden. In order to curb such tendency among the students, it is hereby made known that any student found in possession of any such unauthorized drugs will be summarily dismissed.

Mothervannini college of Nursing Hostel

• All the general rules concerning selection, courses of training and leave will apply also to Religious sisters. In addition, the following are also applicable:

• The religious habit of the sisters should be adapted to meet the demands of the nursing work. An apron which completely covers the habit should be while on duty.

• Permission to visit relatives and friends, to attend parties, weddings, cinema etc. should be obtained from the Sisters’ own superiors.